The Legendary 1979 Orchestra Guestmix


Named after the year that ‘Disco sucks’ and they we’re burning records in the streets, Romanian Andrei Idu, or ‘The Legendary 1979 Orchestra’ was infact born in the mid eighties. Now a resident of Utrecht Andrei is responsible for some of our most played edits on Dinner City Sounds. His new label ‘Legendary Sound Research’ (can you see the theme forming) seems to be going from strength to strength and his productions have earned him vinyl releases on Nurvous, Silhouette and Shanti Records.

He’s very kindly answered a few questions and provided us with an hour and twenty minutes of sonic love. His intentions are made very clear from the get go, it’s going to be funky and its going to be heavy, you will want to dance, don’t be alarmed. You can tell by the tracklist that he has his own identity as a DJ, he plays what he likes and isn’t out to regurgitate the 20 most popular recent tracks. Which although this sounds obvious, it’s not as common as you might think. What begins as a selection of deep cuts of raw house eventually walks backwards through time to a more classic disco aesthetic. Personified by the arrival of Lazare Hoche – Edit A and our personal highlight, Gary’s Gang – Let’s Lovedance Tonight (Jacques Renault Edit).

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