Who, exactly, is Captain Courageous? How to survive in dance music


When it comes to heavy hitters in electronic music, there are those names that are instantly recognisable. Similar to the recognition of ear nibbling Tyson in the boxing world, certain moon tanned musical pugilists don the silk, side step the pack, and become household names. They are considered, by much of the population, to be winners because they are seen to be winning. Success is, of course, always relative. Every blog, journalist, online expert, artist and punter has an opinion about what should constitute achievement and receive critical acclaim.

There are, similarly, distinctions that can be drawn between those who are considered to be experimental and those who walk the vague, yet formulaic, line that is safe, commercial success. It begs the question of why creating with an open mind – under the one moniker – can be more challenging for some producers than……….


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