Jacques Renault Guestmix


Todays guestmix is from a man responsible for some of our favourite output over the last few years ‘Jacques Renault’. Jacques (Yes its his real name) has a plethora of strings to his bow curating and managing a number of great labels like ‘On The Prowl’, its offshoot ‘OTP Party Breaks’, the new vinyl only ‘Goodnight Moon’ and the burgeoning ‘Let’s Play House’ which began as a series of parties that flourished into a label he currently runs alongside his partner in crime Nik Mercer. ‘Lets Play House’ seem to be nailing it at the moment with releases from lots of HOD favourites like ‘Dead Rose Music Company’, ‘Fantastic Man, ‘Bicep’ and ‘Toby Tobias’. Quite the stable. Not happy to rest on his laurels for very long Jacques and Nik recently announced the launch of ‘Goodnight Moon’ a vinyl only label. Keep a close eye on this project as it has potential to be a bit special.

Jacques strikes me as a man who doesn’t take himself too seriously, which is a rare attribute among producers. This mix is for having fun/getting messy to, simple. However it’s not all candy coated disco like you may expect……

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