Cassius – Go Up (Butch Remix)


The powers that be have asked me to remove the download AND player of this track so apologies, you’ll have to find it elsewhere. We assumed as it was given away for free we could share it but looks like they now want to sell it, which is fair enough.

Dance floor annihilation today as Butch’s remix of Cassius tears the roof off. I first heard this in Ibiza on the dance floor of Pikes after my set, Ben Santiago dropped it and the place just went totally crazy, it was a moment I won’t forget in a hurry. Butch does that thing where he manages to squeeze an incredible amount out of one groove, it seems obvious but so many producers don’t keep it simple like this. I mean that breakdown at the five minute mark is heads down, full frenzy material. Admittedly some of the earlier vocals are a little one the fluffy side, but hey, it’s a remix.

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