Soultage – House of Disco Guestmix

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Next up in our podcast are Dutch duo ‘Soultage’. Having just turned in a stunning remix for us of Snack’s track ‘Burnin’ it seemed only only too fitting to get the guys involved for a mix. Expect lots of burners with a tracklist that full of favourite artists.

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Trackist below interview


Give us a little background on you guys?

We are an Amsterdam based dj & producer duo consisting of Jan-Willem Mulder (20) and Kees van ‘t Klooster (22). Jan-Willem’s brother introduced us to each other in 2012. He knew we had the same kind of musical interest. From that moment on we basically started making music together. It was way more fun to work together and we learned a lot from each other. Also because of the fact that we have kind of contrasting personalities. We think / hope that you can hear that in our music: swinging & soulful but yet solid and clubby.

What have you been up to recently?

Because we both live in Amsterdam, ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) is like our idea of heaven. We had the chance to perform in De Stadsschouwburg amongst legends like Dimitri From Paris and play at an in-store session. Our remix of ‘Burnin’’ by Snacks got released on The House of Disco label too (Available here). We had lots fun making this rework for our friends from Berlin. Right now, Kees is working on tracks and new material in Amsterdam and Jan-Willem is into analogue synths & drum sequencers in studio’s and is in New York City.

What are you up to next?

Currently we are working hard on new EP’s. We’re getting inspiration from all kinds of musical genres. Expect some new sounds that are a bit deeper but still contain our soulful touch. In December we’ll play at the pop-temple of Amsterdam: Paradiso. Really looking forward to this party with our brothers from Lotgenoten, especially because of the great line-up! Enough reasons to stay tuned, right?!

Can you tell us about the idea behind the mix?

We take you a night out. Soultage style! Let’s begin in a cozy club. Warm house sounds are desired. From that point on we go the the next venue. It’s a lot bigger and quite crowded. People are smiling and dancing like it’s new year’s eve already. That requires a more up-tempo groovy sound. Ok ok, still going strong. It’s getting later. We’re ready for the thing we like the most. Let’s dance even harder! Enjoy guys.


Harry Wolfman – Rainbow Set
Cody Currie – Apollo 11
Harvey Sutherland – Bravado
Medlar – Body Action
Session Victim – Up To Rise
Fouk – Whiskey Ginger
Detroit Swindle – Future Imperfect (Frits Wentink Remix)
Adesse Versions – After Hours
Snacks – Burnin’ (Soultage Remix)
Detroit Swindle – Circular City
2 Billion Beats – The Moodzman Manhattan (edit)

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