Melanie De Biasio – Lillies (Laurence Guy Edit)


We’ve been a little quiet on the blog of late, ok, we’ve been very quiet on the blog of late. Was hard to get the motivation up after the holiday period as let’s be honest music blogs aren’t the go to way of finding music they used to be eh, now it’s mostly playlists and curated groups.

Then I came across this lovely track from perennial gentleman Laurence Guy and more importantly his words about the project (which you can keep up to date with here).

“The idea of this project is to have a platform of my own, without the added pressures or time constraints that can come with releasing records today. A way to bring back some spontaneity, fun and to create a more direct connection with the listener. “

Moments like this remind you why you do the illogical thing, not the strategic thing, and this blog was always and will always be a project of pure joy for me and hopefully others, so we’re back. Thanks for the reminder Laurence and of course the absolutely beautiful track, as always.

– Magnier

Here’s a download for you:


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