D’Arabia’s ‘Key Lime’ EP is out at last…..lets pretend its summer! Remixes by Ron Basejam, COEO, Patchworks & Harry Wolfman.


Sometimes you just need a little bit of joy to get you through. Italian producer D’Arabia makes his sun soaked debut on House of Disco, and just in time for summer. His sax heavy original gets a fistful of remixes from some ‘House of Disco’ regular housemates and a few new arrivals.

Remixes by: Ron Basejam, Patchworks, COEO & Harry Wolfman.

Only 500 copies of the vinyl will have full colour sleeves so don’t miss those

Download: bit.ly/2HUXNnK
Buy vinyl on Juno: bit.ly/2JvwNbv
Buy on Phonica: bit.ly/2r0Qj81

As always thanks for your support!

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