France Gall – Ella Elle L’a (Folamour Edit)


A few weeks ago we featured a S3A edit of a France Gall track, well turns out there’s more to the story…….some words from Folamour:

“A few days ago, something special happened at the end of a show in France where I was playing b2b with mamene S3A. The sound engineer waited for the place to be empty and just played this beautiful track for the staff and the artists packing their stuff and it had a really strong effect on me. Something beautiful, out of time, lost in a little snowy village, this song I know since I was a kid sounded different and affected me. The funniest part of the story is that S3A did a France Gall edit few weeks ago to pay his tribute to this wonderful and talented artist, thanks to him for opening the road.
Here it is, only three days after the show cause it feels linked to that moment for ever to me.”

Anyway, that enough chat for how, the proof is in the listening

Here’s a free download for you:



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