D’Arabia – House of Disco Guestmix


D’Arabia, the latest artist to hang his boots at House of Disco and release on the label (Check it out here) is also responsible for the latest guest mix. His analogue production sensibilities are evident in this vinyl only selection which slaloms nicely through genres but manages to keep a smile on its face.

Tracklist is at the bottom

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1. Sabrina Malcheiros- Clareia (Henry Wu remix)
2. Riccio- Tessie
3. Daniel Wang- Like Some Dream I Can’t Stop Dreaming
4. Giovanni Damico- Are You Sombody?
5. Henry Wu & Earl Jeffers- Projection
6. Folamour- Jazz Session For No Future People
7. Higgins- Good Time
8. Blair Franch- Pagode Americano
9. Alma Negra- Vision
10. Control Remote- Give My Luv
11. Medlar- Shake It, Make It, Take It, Break It
12. Discomatin Edits 03- Cosmic Life
13 A Conga Saved My Life- Sambamanao

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