Boots & Kats – House of Disco Guestmix


Straight up dose of disco medecine today as the pair of scamps that are ‘Boots & Kats’ turn in a joyous mix drippin in tiny mirror tiles. The pair from Dublin have been doing great things in Ireland, like so many others at the moment it seems. It’s really fantastic to see Dublin’s younger artists and promoters grabbing the scene by the scruff of the neck in the face of some pretty archaic licensing laws. Anyway, less talking more toe-tapping.

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Grateful – Waxist
Hafi Deo – Tabu Ley Rochereau
Superlove – Sputnik
Time For a Change – Benita
Cosmic Lust (Lay-Far Re Edit) – Lay-far
Satisfied – Queen & Disco
Moustache Italo Anthem – The Problems
African Voodoo – Cerrone
Two Of Us – Jay Airness
Be Mine Tonight (Alkalino Facelift) – The Jammers
Rhythm (Young Marco Fix) – Hot Slot Machine
Bee Side – Mix & Fairbanks
Disco Connection – Qubiko
Shoot Me With Your Love – Sartorial
She Keeps It Good – COEO
For You – Ago

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